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JON HAMMOND: Guestbook

Max Waite

September 6, 2014

Hey Jon we met when you were on holidays at the gold coast, australia... I paddled across the seaway bar by surfboard. You were so fascinated by this and we spoke about the great duke kahanamoku :) I did not realise you made music and played, I play guitar myself... maybe ill learn one or two.... of your songs. keep playing dude i want to hear more! All the best.

Elly Snoekx

June 15, 2013

We sat on the bus in NY when Mr Hammond started talking with us! Very nice men so now I'm gonna listen to his music! Hope to see you one day in Belgium on BRBF in Peer, our hometown!! Very nice meeting you !

Best regards,
Elly, Danny, Carolien, Kenny, Martien en Kim

Gerry Barrington

March 5, 2012

Jon...thanks so much for your Lou Columbo video and your retro taples. It is a sad day to learn of Lou's passing. Your video is the way I like to remember him. We were at the Roadhouse Cafe in Fort Myers just a couple of weeks ago when he was playing.

tomas janzon

December 5, 2011

Hi Jon,

Nice to meet you at the local 802 jazz.
And compliments to your site.

peace, Tomas.

Erna Klobucar

October 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Hammond,

Greatings from The Corner Hotel!!!
Nice webside and very good music!!!
We hope you viste us again soon!

Best regards from Frankfurt!

The Corner Hotel

Erna Klobucar

October 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Hammond,

Greatings from The Corner Hotel!!!
Nice webside and very good music!!!
We hope you viste us again soon!

Best regards from Frankfurt!

The Corner Hotel

albert tootie heath

January 26, 2011

Hi Jon lets do it zoo


Jerry Messerman

December 21, 2010

We met at the Genius Bar in New York. I wanted to send you pictures of my Excelsior. We also talked about Bern's Steak House in Tampa and the accordionist that played there for years before he passed away- Manny Florio. Send your e mail address

Michael August

November 4, 2010

Wow Jon,
i like the new design from Your webside!
Hope to see You!

rajesh thapa

November 2, 2010

Hello.. Jon
Great to see this site and my pleasure to meet you @ JOLLY PASTA ( Hamamatsu, JAPAN).
And i like your music too.
Hope you will have a great time in JAPAN.

Rajesh Thapa.
Originally from NEPAL (japan)

Jeff sterling

August 2, 2010

outasite Jon! love it all and thanks for all the awesome music and for sharing it all with the world as you do!

Thomas Makait

March 27, 2010

Hi Jon,
great show last night in Hofheim.



Paul Mc Carthy

June 24, 2007

Hi of luck to you from a big Hammond fan in Ireland...have you ever heard of The Peddlers..?? keep up the good work..and God Bless Mr Smith
Paul Mc Carthy
Co Meath


February 5, 2007

Keep those fingers singin' - love the website!

Love from your sister,


Donna Lynne

January 9, 2007

Greetings Jon from the Las Vegas Strip where the crazies like Time Sq are living large and in charge!! Man I love the way you tickle them ivories..Wooohooo... Sounds Great!! Thank you so much for the nice note. I'll be in Reno this coming weekend for my regular gig at the Silver Legacy. Unfortunately I won't get to Boomtown, but I'll drop a dime at the Legacy for ya! Hey good luck and have a great time on your gig runs. I look forward to our paths crossing someday, somewhere on one of the worlds great stages. Until then, keep on makin it do what it do!

Peace, Blessings and much Success to you.

Donna Lynne

Dan Barto

December 11, 2006

nice to meet you..looking forward to listening to more of your shows and gigs..
cheers Jon..

Dr Paul Phillips

November 11, 2006

Hi Jon
Glad to hear you had a good trip to Europe despite the no show here in the UK !!
This i'm sure will be rectified in due course.

Mr. Helge Tverdal

November 6, 2006

Hello Mr. Jon Hammond.
We met for a few seconds in a hotel lobby in Oslo, Norway.
I like your site, hope to se you on a show sometime in the future.

Se my site here:
It’s in Norwegian, but you can take a look at the photos.

All the best to you and your family in the future

Helge Tverdal, Odda in Norway.

James R. Cook, Jr.

November 3, 2006

Interesting BIO, I cannot wait to hear the music.

pete lancaster

October 29, 2006

sorry john cant make it i am in london at the moment.thank u for the invitation. hope we can get together soon.
ps:see my webpage
your old frien pete


October 5, 2006

Love your radio show on 1550 am I just wish it was longer.A lot of these seem to be older shows. When you announce something coming up it's usually already been over for months. Please update your show schedule when you'll be in the Bay Area.Keep up the great music.

Roy Hammer

September 13, 2006

Hallo Jon super CD danke für die Schöne Zeit in Las Vegasn

sascha waack

July 20, 2006

hey jon, long time no see. how are you doing sir? i hope you are well and happy and still bring the sound of the hammond to the people all over the world. give me a call when you are over in germany or drop me a line in my guestbook at i hope to hear from you soon,
take care


David Batchelder( Jason's Dad)

June 2, 2006

Jason sent along your NDR Sessions cd. just enjoy the standards so very much.I'm a great fan of the organ ( Jimmy Smith, The Count) Jason grew up hearing all the big bands Basie, Ellington, Kenton along with the great west coast groups. Keep swinging, David

Jim Roberts

April 11, 2006

Love the NDR Sessions CD! A pleasure to work with you.

I'm a fan!


Mike Krupicka

April 8, 2006

Mr. Hammond,
It was a real pleasure to hear you on your podcast air excerpts of an old radio friend of mine, Al Jazzbeau Collins. I flipped on the radio and there was the purple grotto all majubilatin'....with good ole Jazzbeau. I miss him dearly and thank you for airing the clips and speaking so nicely of him. You rock. Thanks again. Can I have an autograph pic?
Thanks and all the best...groove on.
Mike Krupicka
2153C San Antonio Ave
Alameda, Ca 94501

pascal wiese

March 31, 2006

yeah it's me from the train today ^^. the boy with black midlong hair and the girl franziska. youre really cool :)
very nice to meet you. good luck tonight :)

Ernie Durawa

March 15, 2006

Hey Jon,
You have a great show and your B-3 playing is the real thing.

You Da Man!!!

Katharina Bach

February 23, 2006

Love greeting from austria send Katharina ! Your Website is beautyful !


February 16, 2006

Hi Jon

Great show, great to listen to your podcast show.

When will you be visiting Netherlands?

David Schoenbrun

February 13, 2006

Hey, Jon:

Looks great, sounds great -- see you next time you're in town.

Bryan Tracy

January 31, 2006

Way kool

site is spanky clean

i am bangin' thru each and every podcast
on my iPod Shuffle - will try to check out KCSM show @work



Jerry Gallegos

January 22, 2006

We met Sat. nite at LAX really enjoyed talking with you,I hope I can work with you sometime,please stay in touch, take care, Jerry.

Elliot Mass

January 10, 2006

Hi Jon, nice to hear you and Chris Cortez and that "live radio work of you" and Al Jazzbeaux. E/Mailing from Pleasanton ,Calif.

Steve Luongo

January 8, 2006

Hi Jon,
Great site. I love the shots from around the world.
You need some JE stuff on there. Maybe an archive section or something.
Anyway brother keep rockin' and rollin'...
Always My Best,

tyrone starks

January 6, 2006

i still you are the shit. man always give me a shout when come to frankfurt. this is one bone player that loves the organ, and you my man the creme de la creme. cya soon man!!!!

Rob S

January 6, 2006

Great stuff. Enjoyed the music and loved the Hammondcast!



November 18, 2005

Dude...It was great meeting you and Jennifer at the Portable Media Expo! You and Jennifer were susch an amazing cute together...thanks for sharing the story of how you met!
I was finally able to listen to your CD on the way to work and it seemed like I got there in no time!!! I loved it!!! It will definitely be an addition to my iTunes library! I also had no idea you played the of my favorite instruments to watch people play!
Take care and keep on jammin'!

Dubzalla BoZalla

November 6, 2005

T-Bone! Waz happnin' dude? Saw Jimmy, Terry, and the boys out at the Chet Helms Memorial Tribal Stomp two weeks ago. Awesome! Hope the burgers are sizzlin' and both headphones are aworkin'. Peace, love, Dubz ;=]


October 10, 2005

Hi Jon....unfortunatley I can only listen to your music "live" once a year, that is when you are performing in Frankfurt and the Jazz-Keller and where I have spent a wonderful evening with fantastic emotions.
Great to see all your new efforts on the internet radio show...complimenti!

Pete Vogt

September 27, 2005

Dude! Man, I'm listening to HammondCast 6 as I write this, and it takes me back to NYC with a vengeance! If I close my eyes, it's 3am at Kenny's Castaways; I'm gonna be real tired at work tomorrow, and you and Barry and Joe and all the great cats are just making my life sonic bliss! Nobody can make a B3 sing like you do!! You are a gift to the world of jazz!

Tom & Karen Fivenson

August 30, 2005

Hey Jon, Got your message on our answering machine the other day. Good to hear your voice and to know you are keeping busy & spreading good musical vibes. I'm married- 4 kids- 3 still at home. I've drifted away from my own music recently, but I may consider trying it again as other job issues may make a change necessary. If so, I may need some tips from you. Great article on some of your activities and exploits. Your mom sounds real proud of how hard you work and what you are doing. Great web site. Take care.

Maralyn Jammal

August 3, 2005

Wow Jon , the site looks killer, congratulations!


July 28, 2005

Hello Jon,

I'm really looking forward to take part on your next gig in ffm and meet you there too. So long, greetings to you and j. from klingenthal. bye


scott cooper

July 27, 2005

your the man!!!!!!

Kal D.

July 20, 2005

Nice site- great pictures , excellent tunes, cool dude!

All the best,

Andreas Sennheiser

July 7, 2005

Hey Jon
It was fun to see you again in Frankfurt (Just as I expected)
Everytime I pass by the Palais-Xtra, I think of your concert here in Zürich, a great show!!
Besides, your website is really cool
Stay tuned, take care and best regards

Solar Pete

June 17, 2005

Hey Jon,

missing the arpeggios u did on your cigarette lighter.

Maybe u should get an endorsement from "Jon Player Special"... 8-)

Rockin´ regards,



May 8, 2005

Jon,you rock dude, enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other night.. will check on the Jazz fest wher I live so you can play there.. take care man, and God Bless

Silvano Biancucci

April 19, 2005

It was a really good plesure to lissen to you in Frankfurt and thank you to your friend that he really played with very good mode my snaredrum.Un grande saluto from Drum Art family

Serenelli Riccardo

April 19, 2005

You are just great!!!
I hope to lissen you soon...your hart is in your music.
All the best my friend...........

Dalius Nomicas

April 13, 2005


It was a great pleasure to see you in Frankfurt - jazzkeller club. Hope you had a good time @ the musik messe - and expect to see you sometime in Lithuania;-)


Michael August

March 28, 2005

See You in Hamburg/Germany with Jennifer and Joe Berger! My pictures are still at the Villon in Hamburg and they are waiting for You and Your Band for our multimedia.
See us tomorrow for a Late Night Dinner!

knut benzner

March 28, 2005

sounds good...

Barbara Callow

March 22, 2005

boy i know this takes you back but i used to see your old band HADES perform on san pablo avenue in berkeley...I have followed your career, you are brilliant. I was a friend of your old drummers Dave Danza from El Cerrito, California. Any news on his whereabouts? Keep on keeping on

Linda Yohn

March 22, 2005


You are one of the hardest-working men in the jazz/blues business! I don't know how you do it all. Must be love...

Linda Yohn

Abe Thomas

March 20, 2005

Jon: Thanks for the great tribute to the HAMMOND organs at: . I look forward to seeing/hearing you perform live in India.

Also wishing you a very happy Birthday, my friend, ... and may there many, many more years of great Jon Hammond music..

Thanks again, Abe
Thomas Music Inst. Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Frank Pöhl

March 14, 2005

Hey Jon,it`s a fantastic new webside.
Specially the B3 Color makes me feel the sound.
So see and here you soon at the in Frankfurt.
Frank from Frankfurt

John Hannan

March 10, 2005

Hey Jon!
As you being my inspiration, i'm going to buy a horn and learn how to blow it! I should be ready next year to go giging with you! All the best in your travels and to Jennifer!


March 8, 2005

Tres bon! It's a super cool website.
Jon you are becoming more and more INTERNATIONAL!
I hope I could play the accordion with you again in October this year.PING!

matt smith

March 7, 2005

site looks great jon! always a pleasure hanging with you! see you and joe in frankfurt!!

Heinz v. Hermann

March 5, 2005

Hi Jon,
this is a great website, looks really pretty! All the best for your trip to Paris and sure hope to see you soon and eventually have a chance to play together again!
keep swingin!

Yücel Atiker

March 5, 2005

Hi jon
beautyful new web site.
See you soon


Brett Ryan

March 3, 2005

Hey Jon!

Your site looks great! Good luck in Paris, looking foward to seeing ya again when you get back.


Howard Johnson

March 3, 2005

You are still one of the greatest ambassadors for Hammond.
Just don't stop playing!

Very Best Regards,

Howard. Johnson.
Suzuki Europe Limited.

Pete Fogel

March 2, 2005

Hi Jon,
Great website! Have fun in Paris. I'm sure you will. Take care and Keep in touch.


Ollie Groenewald

March 2, 2005

uuuhh , Jon way up;-))))...
congrats for your new Web Site !!!!!
Great to read about all those great opportunities and actions you're going towards...
Get ready for some serious winter action over here in good old G.... snow everywhere;-)
Hope to see you... I'll be in Frankfurt on wednesday..
All the best out of DT

Carla Caccavale

March 2, 2005

Jon, You are a TREMENDOUS musician and a first-class guy. Keep up the great work. As always, the fingers are the singers! Carla


March 1, 2005

Viele Grüsse aus der Stadt von W.A.Mozart, Salzburg - Österreich, I´m sure, Mozart would have written music for a Hammond organ, if he had one, and Jon would have been his first organist. Next year in Salzburg are big festivals for Mozarts 250th Birthday, and I hope to hear you again at Mozarts Birth Place, Salzburg. And when you here again, forget your "Excelsior" and try a "Steirische Ziach"

Jeff Kelley

March 1, 2005

This is sweet "J" man!!!This is sweet!!!!Keep it swinging baby!!!!Keep it swinging!!!And anytime you are in Houston,Texas make sure you stop by the studio of KTSU!!!!It really will be a treat!!!Allways cool to hear from you!!!Peace!!!Jeff Kelley of The Modern Contemporary Jazz Showcase on KTSU radio in Houston!!!

Joni Caryl

March 1, 2005

Jon Hammond is a talented, wonderful musician and I love his music! Late Rent is in my CD player right now and I can't get enough! What an amazing group of players creating exceptional jazz!


February 28, 2005

Hi Jon!
Great Web Site!
See you in Frankfurt

Olivier Hutman

February 28, 2005

Hey Jon,
Great Website... Long time deserved!
To a great friend and great musician!

Neil witchard

February 28, 2005

Congrats on the new page,looking cool (what a surprise).see you in the usual places,love you guys ,NEIL

Erhard Döll

February 26, 2005

Hi Jon and Jenniffer,

congratulations to your new website - hope to see you in Frankfurt/Germany/ near Northern Franconia/Karlstadt in April 2005.



Michael August

February 24, 2005

fantastic Jon!
See You in Hamburg at the VILLON!


Tom Tuson

February 24, 2005

Jon: Congrasts on you new web site! It looks great.

Keep the keys playing and the fingers a workin'.

Tom Tuson
Diversi Organ

Joe Aloia

February 22, 2005

All the best and continued success.

Joe Berger

February 22, 2005

Congratulations on the new site & the NY gigs!